What is Eliquid

Eliquid also referred to as Ejuice, is a flavored liquid made up of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavoring and nicotine. The Eliquid is then added to an electronic cigarette and turned into vapor, delivering nicotine into the lungs.

Vegetable Glycerin

Commonly referred to as VG, typically makes up around 60 to 80%  of an Ejuice formula. VG is a clear, odorous compound which is produced from plant oils. It is commonly used in cosmetic products, food and as a replacement of alcohol in certain products.

Propylene Glycol

Commonly referred to as PG, usually makes up between 20 and 30% of an eliquid formula. PG is often used in foods and cosmetics.


Nicotine is a compound made by plants and also synthetically. Nicotine has a number of different effects once it enters the human body. Increased heart rate, euphoria and a relaxed sensation are just a few of many other effects.


There are literally hundreds of different flavors being produced by many different manufactures.

Some of the more popular brands are:

Different nicotine concentrations in Eliquid

Nicotine concentration in eliquid can range anywhere from 0mg right up to 24mg. The higher concentrations are usually for people who are trying to quit smoking, once they manage to quit smoking cigarettes they can slowly make their way  down to a lower concentration of nicotine in their eliquid.

The most popular nicotine strength in Ejuice is between 3 and 6mg. Many people find higher concentrations to be quite harsh and uncomfortable when inhaling the vapor.

Top Eliquid Brands:

A few others worth mentioning:

Where to buy eliquid

Vaping has become very popular over the years and it is now very easy to find physical vaping and online stores selling eliquid. Eliquid is usually sold in 30ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles and the price will depend on the quality of the product. Cheaper eliquids can cost around $5 to $10 for 30ml, and the more expensive ones can cost $15 to $30 for a 30ml bottle. Generally the more expensive and popular brands offer higher quality products that taste really good.

How to stop smoking with Eliquid

Many people have managed to quite cigarettes with the help of vaping.

To get started there are a few things you need to buy:

An electronic cigarette device (also known as a MOD)

There are many different devices on the market, for beginners it is recommend to buy one that comes with a tank and prebuilt coils. As you get more experienced with vaping, you can move onto more expensive mods and tanks or drippers where you make your own coils. Most people are not interest in learning how to build coils in the beginning, but once you start enjoying vaping you may want to look into it.

A bottle of Eliquid

As mentioned earlier in the article, if you have been smoking for a long time and want to quit, it is advised to opt for a bottle of eliquid with a high concentration of nicotine. If you are buying from a phyiscal store, you can ask the sale person to help you choose what concentration to buy.